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Word War Challenges - Get That Writing Done
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Word wars - writing under pressure.
Have something that needs writing, but you need a little push to get it done? Welcome to word wars!

Fanfic, original, whatever you'd like. And you don't necessarily have to write. Maybe you want to edit or re-write or type. No problem! Basically this is just a motivational tool that gives you a short challenge, during which time (we hope) you're able to set aside everything else and focus on writing. ;D

For those that aren't familiar with "word wars" the general idea is:
  • Someone posts a challenge, including a start time and length (usually 30-45 minutes)
  • Others sign up (provide details or not, your choice)
  • When the start time is reached, everyone begins writing
  • When the time is up, everyone stops writing, adds up their number of words, and checks back in.

Yup. That's it. Easy-peasy.

I'd like to keep it to one daily challenge post (not necessarily every day, and anyone can post it). Challenges are initiated as comment threads to the daily post. If you're interested in writing that day, track the post and you'll see whenever a new challenge starts. Or start your own thread. An example might look like this:

    Subject: 45 minutes, starting 4:00pm EST / 9:00pm BST

    Body: That's starting in 15 minutes. Anyone interested?

Those interested reply to that thread. Once the word war is done, return to check in and see how you all did.

Want to participate in another one? Start another thread.

Arrived a bit late? Join in for the time remaining, wait for the next one, or start your own after that one is done.

Happy writing everyone!